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Touch & Go – Approve invoices in a flash

SER one of the first ECM vendors worldwide to offer SAP Fiori app for invoice workflows

(26.07.2016 - Berlin) SER is one of the first enterprise content management (ECM) vendors worldwide to offer an SAP Fiori-based app that supports user-friendly invoice workflows on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The app enhances SER's portfolio of invoice processing solutions using SAP. Decision-makers can use the app to check and approve invoices and more while on the go. The benefits? Stay ready to act and keep fully informed about all accounts payable.

When it comes to processing invoices, the deep integration of the Doxis4 iECM suite in SAP ensures end-to-end processes and comprehensive information for users. With the new SAP Fiori app, SER remains true to its long tradition as a certified SAP partner. The app not only boasts an intuitive user interface, but also makes it possible for companies to involve their mobile employees in cross-departmental invoice workflows.

Complete overview of all invoice processes

Managers who spend a lot of time on the go can access a daily overview of all invoice processes and their status – a basic requirement for meeting deadlines for early payment discounts and payments. In addition, accountability to third parties is increased thanks to full transparency in invoice processes that are already completed.

Approve invoices on the go

Other highlights of the app include the option for decision-makers to take part in any step of the invoice review process, including the creation and processing of account assignments. Managers can review and approve invoices directly while on the go. As a result, delays in invoice processes are avoided and transportation and waiting times are cut significantly. What's more, managers can set up deputies quickly and easily to provide cover during vacation and other absences.

The Fiori app can be used with all common browsers via the SAP Launchpad. The interfaces adjust dynamically to the size of the device, so the application is completely flexible and can be used on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet equally as well as on a workstation.

About SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori are apps offered by SAP and SAP partners such as SER. Fiori provides a platform for various SAP application scenarios and apps based on SAP UI5 and HTML5. With the Fiori technology, SAP strives to offer its customers a simple and consistent interface at workstations and on mobile devices. Strategically speaking, SAP Fiori focuses on consumer applications that employees frequently use in private life. To minimize the amount of training and support needed, Fiori ensures intuitive use and streamlined interfaces for complex content and functions.

AP Fiori app for invoice workflows: Touch & Go – Approve invoices in a flash

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