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Paper-free not just for one day

SER presents three companies that practice World Paper Free Day 2016 every day

(03.11.2016 - Berlin) Tomorrow is World Paper Free Day and AIIM, the initiator, wants you to be more conscientious about how you use paper in business. Digitizing paper is just the first step. To truly work more efficiently and cost-effectively, you need to get rid of paper-based processes. Three customers of SER reveal how they have successfully and sustainably accomplished this with enterprise content management (ECM).

1. Eissmann Group Automotive: Information at the push of a button

Being able to provide immediate information without having to search endlessly through piles of papers and binders — this was just one of the goals the automotive supplier Eissmann set before it launched a centralized ECM system. It also wanted to provide complete information throughout its business processes in an economical, paper-free way and without media disruptions. With Doxis4 by SER, all of these goals were met.

Over 1.2 million documents are now available in digital form and accessible throughout all departments in a process-oriented way. Compared to the old paper-based way of working, Eissmann's employees now save a considerable amount of time. Translated into numbers this means that with Doxis4, each employee saves on average over 100 hours every year on document searches alone.

2. FCA Bank: Electronic records instead of bulging record binders

Up until 2014, the dealer financing team of the financial service provider FCA Bank was still working with paper records. Approximately 2,500 dealer records and binders with credit securities were bursting out of the filing cabinets. The necessary documents could often not be found, which slowed down case processing.

The launch of electronic dealer records with Doxis4 heralded in a new paper-free era for the department. All business process-related documents can now be electronically processed (in teams). Authorized employees can also see at any time who and when which documents were modified and who is currently working on them — without laborious searching.

3. Westfalen Group: Gone are the days of carrying around paperwork

The HR team of the Westfalen Group, an energy supplier, was also very familiar with the problem of countless record binders and high volumes of paper documents. Before Doxis4 was launched, the team spent a good amount of their time simply carrying paper documents from A to B and back. This complicated back-and-forth of paperwork slowed down sensitive business processes.

With the SER solution, all of the HR documents is now digitized, centrally accessible and archived in an audit-proof way. The HR team today no longer needs to run to the filing cabinet and search through paper record binders. They can find, access and trigger the next steps for the digital documents in the ECM system directly from their desks.

For more information, check out our best practices in the media library on our website.


World Paper Free Day 2016

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