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Secure teamwork – across all locations

3 ways to support and bolster teamwork

(24.07.2017 - Berlin) Digitalization, teams working from several locations, work on the go, home office work models, and many other factors are changing the way we work together. More and more we see new digital ecosystems emerging as economic communities of interactive companies and individuals making new kinds of products for their customers. According to a current Gartner study, half of all companies operate in a digital ecosystem. Global players are connecting with one another, sharing information and creating innovative products and services. SER reveals three ways that your company can facilitate this new form of interdisciplinary teamwork.

Number 1: Create a secure basis of information

To tap the full potential of efficient teamwork throughout the value chain, you must have a common basis of information in a secure work environment. Production and information need to go hand in hand. Everyone must be able to access information regardless of the time, location, device or browser — without sacrificing security! If you think that cloud-based file sharing solutions are the answer, you are wrong. Companies often have little control over information they store in the cloud, making them easy prey for hackers and cyber attacks. A much safer option is a virtual project room that gives project team members a secure means of sharing information. The virtual project room helps companies to ensure that relevant information is provided in its current form precisely in the project context in which it is needed.

Number 2: Integrate external project team members into your processes

Efficient teamwork is not limited to departments and companies. It is imperative that the know-how of partners and service providers is integrated into projects. A few examples: a plant construction project cannot proceed without the approval of external partners for construction blueprints; likewise, a construction project cannot start without appraisals and material certifications from service providers. Virtual project rooms provide an easy and safe means of integrating external project members into project processes. Crucial here is that companies have a secure authorization concept in place to regulate who has (permanent or temporary) access to the protected virtual rooms and which information they are allowed to see and work on.

Number 3: Ensure that processes run smoothly

Punctual project completion is an important success factor for teams. If processes get held up or decisions are made based on outdated or missing information, it is hard to meet project deadlines. With virtual project rooms such as Doxis4, companies can make sure none of this happens. Everyone works with only the most current information. They are automatically informed of processes, new incoming or modified documents, milestone achievement, important deadlines and dates, and much more. All this ensures that your teams are always up-to-date about what's happening in projects and can move on to the next project phase without delay.

Find out more about the Doxis4 iRoom here.

Secure teamwork

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